Spiritual Gardens

Healing Gardens

A healing garden is one in which the central focus is on the whole person, family or group, in body, mind and spirit. It is a place where plants are specially chosen for their medicinal properties, or for their traditional uses in cleansing and restoring our natural balance.

This may also be a place where healers, health practitioners and therapists work, so it may contain a room or enclosure surrounded by an oasis of healing plants, including, if needed, health-giving fruit and vegetables. Its key elements are;

•                Sensitive and specific planting

•                Sensory stimulus using colour, texture and scent

•                Harmonious layout and structure

•                A relaxing space to enjoy looking at the garden

Each healing garden is unique and tailored to the clients specific needs.


Specialist Garden Design

We offer the following types of specialist garden design:

•                Standard ink drawing

•                Full colour design

•                CAD design (computer aided design) This can be 3-D

We have the ability to incorporate aspects of either Zen or Feng Shui with in an existing garden or as a complete and total design.

Incorporated in the design of spiritual, sensory, meditation and healing gardens we will balance the energies and realign the natural flow within the garden.

 If required once constructed we will come back adjust and rebalance the garden energies.



Designed to meet the specific requirements of a residential nursing home, the garden conceptual design uses plants for colour, energy and to aid and relax the senses. To add texture the design incorporated the use of tactile hard landscaping materials.



This design is a secret meditation garden combining a secluded area with a water feature to aid in relaxation and an arbour over the seating area to give that shaded and peaceful touch. The entrance is through the gap in the hedge and is totally enclosed for privacy.



The design for this garden revolved around various desires expressed by our client, including hiding the pond filter and incorporating curves as well as reducing the patio area and providing an area to sit for quiet reflection. The planting was to give a balanced feel to the garden and increase the positive energies.



The spiritual garden should make use of as many natural features as possible.  This should include the contours of the ground and any established plants and trees.  Plants and trees form a solid natural link with the earth energies and enhance their flow.  Trees are particularly important as they create a canopy of energy over the garden.  This helps hold the balance of natural and created energy flows through the garden and provides a greater area for spirit to link to, making connection far easier and more efficient for them and us.

Before starting a design you must take the time to sense if there are any energy lines in the garden and if so the direction that they flow.  If there is no natural energy flow,   you will have to create one during the construction of the garden.

All plants and trees have natural energy but the atmosphere required is created by the flow of energy through the garden.  This can be done with the use of water flow for example a fountain, waterfall or rill.  Another way of creating this requirement is in the type of planting and direction that the plants were planted.  For instance when planting a border down the side of a path that leads to a seating area, by starting at the furthest point and working towards the seat you will create a natural energy flow towards the seating area.

Where the seating is sited is one of the most important aspects of the whole garden because of the required effect needed in this area.  For example, if you require a psychic garden, then the seat must be placed in the energy flow.  As with all the other types of garden the requirements in each case are different, but none the less important.

Pathways are used to form different effects.  The path can be used to break up the garden or to draw the eye to a specific point.  With sympathetic planting the path can be used to balance, cleanse and relax the spiritual and physical body.  The type of materials used and the textures of these will change the energy flow and the subtleness of the energy, to balance and complement the garden.

Plants obviously play an important part in a garden.  What type of plant, the colour, texture and aroma of the flower will aid in healing and also the preparation of the body for spiritual work.  Plants that will supply a gently rustle such as some types of grasses and bamboos can aid in the meditation process.  The gentle background noise helps to concentrate the conscious mind and aid in the linking of the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

The use of water in the garden either as a small feature such as a bubbling jug or on a larger scale a pond with waterfall or fountain, not only greatly enhances but cleanses the energy.  This boost in the level of energy will enhance your ability to achieve the required effect in the garden whether it is for healing, meditation, psychic or spiritual work.  The amount of water used, it’s type and position in the design will depend on the energy required and the natural energy present in the garden.  The overall size of the garden will, of course, have a major bearing on the size and amount of water incorporated.  So when designing a garden all these aspects need to be discussed and planned to create a well-balanced and effective garden which will enhance the lifestyles of those who will use it.

The lawn is generally just classed as ‘the lawn’ by everyone, however, the texture of the grass under the feet can and will aid in the relaxation process.  Walking across a lawn in bare feet and flexing your toes as you walk is very relaxing and is a form of natural reflexology.  The effect is calming and will help to relieve the stresses of the day.  The shape of the lawn and the borders around it create an atmosphere for the whole garden which when put together with the path, seating area, water feature and especially the plants will create that whole spiritual experience in the garden.