Healing Gardens

The design used needs to be especially created to be simple but effective. The simplicity of the garden will help in the relaxation of those who use it. During the construction of the garden some small changes may be made, when creating a spiritual garden of any type the garden evolves and as a result some changes may be needed to maintain the balance of the energies. The plants to the left of the path use both colour and the plant energies to aid in the balancing and cleansing of the charkas (these are energy points running up the body) as you approach the seating area. The lavender to the right of the path aids in the relaxation process. The importance of the colour scheme is that as you walk the path the charkas are worked on in order starting with the base and working rite through to the crown all this is done to prepare you for the healing that is to take place whether it is from a healer, spirit or nature itself. The water feature, the bamboos and the grasses are use to supply a subtle background sound this will aid in relaxation, healing and meditation. The plants in the pots on the decking have been chosen for there aroma and the herbs are used for both sent and taste. The use of several types of building material gives a greater array of textures. With in this garden we have stimulated all the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch as a result we have also awakened the inner you by doing so. The wild flower area has been incorporated to attract wild life butterflies bees etc. The design was created with the show in mind and the choice of materials has been reflected in the fact that the garden has to be removed at the end of the show. Most people today have a stressful existence and require a simple garden in which to relax and unwind. I think we have achieved this in the garden we are presenting in the show.